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Interview with Giuseppe Testa

Giuseppe (Peppe) Testa: SECOND LIFE

I entered the business only in a subsequent moment. After finishing my education at the Nautical Institute as offshore captain and serving the military, I immediately started working. An office job offered me a stable career; an average, organized life both in and out of the office. One fine day, however, destiny came knocking. I found myself at the crossroads between my peaceful and predictable life, and the possibility of tackling new challenges with the rest of the Testa family. I decided to step up to the challenge, also because it is possible to work with the sea even while on land. If, in a business, core activities represent the railway we travel on, administration and daily desk work are like coal for the engine.
My role is to make sure that the accounts are balanced, maintain relationships with finance and human resource consultants, and line up supply and demand. The most frustrating aspect is dealing with red tape.
My biggest passion is traveling, comparing different ways of life. I am married with two boys and I consider myself a man of the world.


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