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Interview with Nino Testa

Innovation Management

I am an electronic engineer who dedicates 80% of my time to Testa family projects, and the rest to my wife and two children. At work I have always applied my technical-scientific background to identify and introduce innovative pathways that can guarantee environmental sustainability, a community need, as well as economic sustainability that is necessary for our survival. The business challenge today requires knowledge on managing innovation in its various phases: from market analysis to identify needs to the creative phase of bringing an idea to life; from a product to its manufacturing and distribution.
Times have changed and we cannot keep thinking about the fishing trade with the mindset of 50 years back. We have to keep planning changes, day after day.
Among other things, I was in charge of creating the dashboard of the Atlante and the production and processing lines of our factory at Porto Palo. It was in 2002 and we thought ahead, going to sea and fishing with instruments that today are considered indispensable. We did not merely reproduce what was on the market. Rather, we equipped ourselves with what would be important to us twenty years from now. Managing innovation also involves many organizational aspects, from aligning ourselves to European Union directives to local authorizations, to staff training. We are not just fishermen and producers of fish products.
Our short supply chain safeguards a wealth of knowledge. What we do is important due to the way things are done – certified quality, efficiency and freshness in each phase of the production process. For this reason, the Testa family prioritizes partnerships with institutions, universities and research entities, offering opportunities for studies, discussions and proposing concrete solutions. We started personally processing fish and soon we will also be dealing with fishing tourism and on-board degustation.


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