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Interview with Tuccio Testa

Commercial Director

I have always lived with the legend of Pippo Testa, Captain and, more importantly, my father. It was not easy, given his personality and his talent. But it was formative. As an adolescent, I brought forward homework and tests so that I could conclude the school year at the Technical Institute a little earlier. I then boarded the boat at the lowest position, without any privileges. There was a certain romantic air to it, because I had set myself up for such a situation, waiting for three or four days at Malta. Then, the Sicilian Canal was full of fish. At eighteen, I made the choice to accept such a life, where one spent six or seven months at sea. However, in reality this decision came in two phases.
At some point in 2004, I wanted to prove that I was capable of something else. It was to question myself, and my relationship with my father. I opened two Disney stores and became a distributor for Southern Italy. I expressed my entrepreneurial streak, like how at eighteen years old I managed a sea front pizzeria with a couple of friends. After Disney, I had the idea of introducing street food to Catania. It even had a name – Lapatatina. For several months we explored how to adapt a Piaggio Ape to produce and sell these french fries, using only fresh produce with the skin still on. Piaggio, which had outsourced production to India, was stunned by the idea.
In the end, it was the call of the sea and the family that won and I joined the Testa family business, putting my ambitions and challenges behind me. For me and only me, I have carved out a little space that is extremely dear to me, as Director General of Catania Futsal Club. It is a 5-a-side football club in the Serie B, headquartered in Librino. I am proud to offer something wholesome, healthy and educational in a marginalized neighborhood. Along with football lessons, we also propose after school programs and provide basic necessities for members.


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