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Advice from a great chef

The first thing not to do, when faced with a slice of bluefin tuna, is to butcher it a second time,” explains Ciccio Sultano, 2 Michelin star chef at Ibla, “carefully following the rules for thawing it out and above all treating it with the utmost care. Remember that bluefin tuna is a warm-blooded fish and its meat should be “thought of” as veal and beef. “The best way to enjoy it is to cut it up and serve it raw. Otherwise, it should be lightly seared on the barbecue, cut, adding salt and black pepper afterwards.
A traditional Sicilian recipe calls for the use of Giarratana onions. In this case, the onions must be caramelised separately. Once the bluefin tuna has been seared, deglaze with red wine vinegar and oregano. Finally, it is served by arranging the onions on top or underneath.

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