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Discover the crew We have been sailing the seas of Sicily for more than 200 years.
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a large family of fishermen

For more than 200 years, the Testa family has plied the seas of Sicily with its boats in search of bluefish and bluefin tuna. An ancient tradition made up of tenacity and hard work, dedication and the ability to scan the future as well as the horizon, in which experience and passion are passed on from generation to generation.

A history linked to the great port of Ognina, the ancient port of Ulysses, which in the 14th century – following an impressive eruption – became a small harbour from which the Testa family have always put their boats out to sea, with the blessing of the Madonna of the fishing village, “A ‘Bammina”.

Recognition as Best Canning Company Best in Sicily 2021


cultivate the sea

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Together, with taste.

Inside each jar there is work, passion, excellence: with Testa Conserve we want to bring the true taste of Sicily to the world. For this reason, right from the start, we have been betting on collaborations with chefs and other producers with the aim of enhancing our fish and its goodness. We have many special projects in the pipeline to raise the profile of our land and its products. Together there is more taste.

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The Crew

The story of the Testa family is reminiscent of the fishermen in Giovanni Verga’s famous novel I Malavoglia, published in 1881. But it is always reality that inspires literature: the Testa family’s fishing tradition dates back at least two centuries and takes place in the charming little port of Ognina, in the heart of Catania.
Via Testa still exists in the small village today, bearing witness to the

deep roots of the family and successive generations, exchanging the baton and respecting the custom of giving sons four repeated names: Salvatore, Giuseppe, Concetto and Antonino. In the family’s centuries-long history, there is also room for Agata, a woman of strong character who, as a widow, took on the role of head of the family.

Pippo Testa



Nino Testa

Innovation Management


Tuccio Testa

Commercial Director


Giuseppe Testa

Communication & social


The sea as
a friend

“You can't compete with the sea. There are so many unforeseen events that you can only try to get to know it, to make it your friend. I talk to the sea. And, since it knows you too, it can help you, it can suddenly give you what you have been looking for in vain for days. We are not good at this, it is the sea that is good, it is the sea that helps you if you respect it, if you know how to make it your friend. A friendship that has something to do with devotion


Quality, efficiency and freshness at every stage of the production process

Saving the sea is in our nature. Sustainability means respecting and controlling available resources and adopting virtuous behaviour in every aspect of our work.

We believe in artisanal and non-intensive fishing, we ensure the quality of the catch by following the production cycle of the marine fauna, paying attention to fishing periods and size, we operate with transparency and traceability, we strive for proper management of waste produced during navigation and we participate in research campaigns in the field of marine work, making our vessels and expertise available.

mappa sicilia
An exclusive pack - inspired by the Sicilian Art Nouveau style - and plastic free dresses the excellence of our preserves with elegance and creativity.


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