NewsMackerel in caponata, a real main course
Sgombro caponata ciccio sultano

Mackerel in caponata, a real main course

We are celebrating a happy marriage between Testa Conserve mackerel and caponata. The union was sanctified by Ciccio Sultano, twice-starred chef from Ibla, partner of the Testa family.
Sea and land to reaffirm what Sicily can mean from a gastronomic point of view. Certainly, a centre where many things converge and just as many radiate out in every direction. Mackerel in caponata, then, for what? “An appetizer or a main course,” explains Ciccio Sultano, “you can eat it cold or reheated, by opening the capsule, in a bain-marie or in microwaves. It can also be a good solution for a picnic or for any moment of healthy happiness”.