Mackerel is a very tasty and nutritious blue fish, fished in the colder seasons in the Aeolian Islands.
Futura Prima takes care of the fishing, and sets out in search of the ‘stummu ucchiutu’ – the ‘big-eyed mackerel’ – which is softer on the palate and fatter.

More mackerel,
more taste

Mackerel processing
From the moment the mackerel is caught to the moment it enters the factory in Porto Palo di Capo Passero, less than 24 hours pass at a temperature of 4 degrees. Here they are “scapuzzati”, removing the head and guts in one go, then placed in special trays and steamed. The next step takes place in the dehumidifying cell, where the fish is dried of excess liquid, then dehulled and cut into fillets which – depending on the size of the fish – vary in length from 14 to 17 centimetres.
Once placed in the jars, they are transferred to the vacuum packing machine, then the oil is added at temperature. Before labelling, each jar with fillets is sterilised at 121°.

Abundance in the Mediterranean Sea

Mackerel is an abundant species, with a large and widespread population. In recent years, the fish population in the Mediterranean Sea has declined significantly, but some species such as mackerel have suffered less. This is reassuring in terms of the sustainability of its fishing and allows its systematic consumption for the human diet.

the grams of protein per 100 g of product, also rich in omega 3 and vitamin D

centimetres, is the minimum appropriate length allowed for fishing

recommended servings of mackerel per week for a balanced diet