Nino Testa

Nino Testa



I am an electrical engineer who invests eighty per cent of his time in the Testa family’s projects, devoting the rest to his wife and two children. In the company I have always applied my technical-scientific training to identify and introduce innovative paths that can guarantee both environmental sustainability, which is required by EU directives, and economic sustainability, which is necessary to survive.

The difficulty of our times in doing business requires us to know how to manage innovation through all its various stages: from market analysis to identify needs to the creative phase of focusing on ideas, from product development to its implementation and distribution.

The world moves on, and you cannot continue to think of the business of fishermen with the criteria of fifty years ago, but constantly plan for change, day by day.

Among other things, I was involved in the creation of the Atlas bridge and the production and processing line of the Porto Palo plant.

Back then, in 2002, we were ahead of our time, going to sea and fishing with the tools that are considered indispensable today. We didn’t copy what existed, but we equipped ourselves with what we might need twenty years later.

The term innovation management also includes many organisational aspects, from the transposition of European Union directives to municipal authorisations and staff training.

We are not just fishermen and processors of the product we catch. Our short supply chain holds a treasure trove of knowledge. What we do is important because of how it is done, certifying quality, efficiency and freshness at every stage of the production process. This is why the Testa family considers partnership with institutions, universities and research centres a priority, offering opportunities for discussion and proposing concrete solutions.

We have started by processing the product ourselves; soon, we will also be involved in fishing-tourism and on-board tasting.


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