CollabsAt Eataly Milano with Olympic champion Rossella Fiamingo
Rossella Fiammingo per Testa

At Eataly Milano with Olympic champion Rossella Fiamingo

Testa Conserve’s trip to Eataly in Milan continues until 30 September. The stand is on the ground floor and can be visited every day until 8 p.m. It was a great success with the public and the tasting of all the products in the catalogue with, in addition, the visit of a friend of the Testa family, the Olympic epee champion Rossella Fiamingo, from Sicily and Catania. An opportunity to announce the start of a collaboration between those who fence at the highest level and those who cultivate the sea, fishing and processing their own bluefin tuna and bluefish.
“I’m happy,” says Rossella, “to be part of a new adventure with Testa Conserve, a family and company of Sicilian fishermen.
We will soon publish an exclusive interview with the Catanese fencer on the Testa Conserve website and social networks.